Sepia Suite

PRIME Diamond bed with 1344 animations,
BDSM dresser, bathroom with massage table,
Living room with Coral edition sofa, Cuddle chair, Cuddle rug,
Damani TV and Intan dance system.


La Cantina

La Cantina is the entrance to the hotel and has a nice Mexican Restaurant.
The place is filled with details, fun poses and dance machines.
Unless we messed it up, the stream will be set on classic guitar.


Paraiso Beach

Paraiso beach is a tropical hangout with plenty of seating and things to do.
Intan Dance System, small cabins for cuddles, hammocks, lounge area, fun water toys, lots of palms nice music on the stream.

Just across the bridge you will find La Cantina with a nice Mexican Restaurant, Intan Dance System and the hotel where you can rent suites and rooms and find info about the rentals. The stream is mostly set to latin and you will find single dances in a spinning sombrero.

Outside La Cantina is the PRIME Garden, where you can explore or relax. Next to the garden are the PRIME mainstores (Adult and General rated).

Enjoy your stay.

Paraiso Rooms Info

The Paraiso Rooms are simple, but elegant skyboxes equipped with a PRIME Diamond Edition bed (1334 animations/xpose) and matching decor.

About the PRIME Diamond Edition XPOSE Bed:

-Fun and relaxing animations like breakfast in bed, workouts, jumping in bed, friends' animations, massage and relaxation
-Lots of cuddles. (There are buttons to give you food, clothing etc.)
-An extensive menu with top quality sex animations for one male and one female avatar.
-FF cuddles and sex, MM cuddles and sex, and an great selection of  3somes (FFF, FFM and MFM) that includes cuddles and sex animations.
1334 animations in 621 pose set in total.

You can check out the menus in the PRIME Adult Store first if you like.

Paraiso Suites Info

The PRIME Paraiso Suites have anything you can wish for.

♥ A Diamond Edition PRIME Bed with 1334 animations
♥ A Coral Edition PRIME Couch with 514 animations
♥ A PRIME BDSM Bookshelf/Wardrobe
♥ A PRIME Bathtub or shower
♥ An Intan ball with couple dances
♥ A Damani TV that can play music, movies, web content and adult content
♥ Several different pieces of furniture

The suites are in skyboxes and gives you the privacy you want.
People can not fly around on the parcel and there are security orbs to protect you from unwanted visitors.
You can also fill up with more time if you need it by paying the teleport pad and you will get warnings when your time is about to run out.

Please take a look at the pictures of each suite for reference
(the suites might be upgraded or changed for the better randomly)